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Auschwitz taxi service

Auschwitz taxi serviceAuschwitz taxi service


Why you schould use my services? Here are some tips:


1) I will collect you from your hotel, anywhere in Cracow.
2) Transfer to Oswiecim (movie about a camp in a car)
3) I will wait for you, while you visit Auschwitz camp.
4) Transfer to Birkenau
5) Transfer to the temporary ramp (exclusive)
6) Transfer back to your hotel
7) All parking fees included in price.


Decided already to go with me? Great news. Please send me an email:


Birkenau taxi - I replay within 5-10 minutes!

Or message: +48 509 66 11 89



15 EUR per person, when 6 people are traveling,

Price for a whole car is 350 ZŁ / 90 EUR 


AuschwitzNeed more? OK, Five hidden truths about personalized travelling You didn't know:




1) Personalized tour is expensive? Yes, when you travel on your own, but if there is at least 3 of you, it's cheaper to go with private tour comparing to "crowd tours"


2) You will see more - You decide where to go, not Your guide and 30 more persons


3) You are not waisting Your time during gathering 30 more people


4) Whole car is for you, no more people you don't know


 5) You choose the time when you want to go, not your tour guide


Decided already to go with me? Great news. Please send me an email: - I replay within 5-10 minutes!




Or message: +48 509 66 11 89



More information about this service and place itself you will find here:
Auschwitz taxi service



Arriving to Cracow as a tourist, everybody want's to see as much as possible.
But there are three places which you have to visit:
- Wawel Castle
- Salt Mine in Wieliczka
- Auschwitz - Birkenau contrentation camp.
Now I want to concentrate on the last trip. Auschwitz - Birkenau was the biggest Nazist contrentation camp in Europe - the biggest death factory in human history. Maybe it's not pleasure to see that place, but definitely, everybody who visit Cracow, should find time to see that place. Auschwitz was created during second world war only for one reason: to kill people. Hitler's idea was to depopulate Eastern Europe, and fill it by German nation. In his eyes, the biggest thread was jewish people. Nobody know, how many people dies there, but it's about 1.2M - 1.5M
So... I offer Auschwitz taxi service to Oświęcim - the village, where Auschwitz is situated.The price for that service is 350 PLN return. Price include:
- Pick up from your hotel
- Transport by air conditioned VAN (up to 6 passengers)
- Parking fees, fuel and all transportation costs
- Transfer between the camps: Auschwitz and Birkenau
- Transfer back to any place in Cracow (or Airport in Balice)
- Whole vehicle is yours, no other people
- English speaking driver
- Tour guide fee of 40 PLN per person is NOT included, but if you get there before 10 AM, you don't have to take tour guide, and than it's free for you. (But i recommend tour guide).
So, if you want to go with me to that very important place, please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile: +48 509 66 11 89, or via - I replay within 5-10 minutes!
If you have any questions regarding the trip, just ask - this doesn't cost you anything!